15 GB


By choosing a ZZ 15 GB data plan for your PC, you can forget about a fixed internet connection at home! This data volume will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of broadband internet. Moreover, thanks to the 30 day expiry term, you’ll have longer not worrying about topping up.

Number to top up
Number must be without the country code: +371
Choose payment type:
TOPPING UP € 10,00

Account check

You can check how many MB you have left and your expiry term by texting T free of charge to 1616.

When there are 25 MB or 0 MB left in your data pack, you will be notified by SMS.

After the end of your expiry term, your unused MB will be deleted, but you will be able to activate your SIM card for another two months, by entering the refill code.

Topping up your account

You can top up your ZZ mobile internet card with any refill nominal. You can check out the available data pack amounts and expiry terms here.

You can top up your ZZ mobile internet card as follows:

  • via your internet bank: Swedbank, SEB, Norvik, Citadele;
  • with a refill card.

Use the refill card code in the Top up section. In programme Tele2 Mobile Partner, click "Prepaid" and in field "Your Refill Code" type secret code (only if you use modem).

Insert the SIM card into the modem, tablet or another mobile data transmission device.

If the device does not have automatic settings, enter the following information:

  • internet connection point (APN):
  • user name: wap
  • password: wap

The SIM card will be automatically activated when you start using data transmission.

In the Zelta Zivtiņa and Tele2 modem, these settings are already indicated. Attach the modem to the PC and install the modem (see Modem usage guide on kit packaging). To create a connection to the Internet, in the Tele2 Mobile Partner programme, click on the Connection button. Internet access profiles will appear. Choose profile Zelta Zivtiņa and press Connect/Savienot.