ZZ Pre-paid is a true Zelta Zivtiņa classic – get all our super advantageous tariffs and as always pay less. It’s a really neat solution if you want short-term communications. But if you’re ready for even smaller bills, extra bonuses and to always be in touch, then the best choice will be ZZ Post-paid – apply for it here.


Why are changes necessary?

From June this year, the provisions of the European Union’s (EU) roaming regulation (No 2015/2120) regarding the use of mobile services in Europe as at home will come into force. This means that, starting from June this year, we will offer our clients mobile services in Europe (in EU/EEZ countries) for exactly the same tariffs as here in Latvia. This will apply to both voice communication and SMS, as well as to mobile data transmission. Moreover, there will also be no extra charge for mobile communication between EU/EEZ countries. Current tariffs will be applicable to international calls (from Latvia to abroad).

What benefits from the changes will there be for ZZ Pre-paid plan users?

- advantageous services in Latvia,
- the opportunity to also use services in Europe and the rest of the world with the tariff plan ZZ EIROPA.

Will I also be able to use services abroad? 

With the ZZ Pre-paid tariffs ZZ TRIO, ZZ DRAUGI and ZZ VISI, you will be able to use services in Latvia only. For advantageous communications throughout Europe, subscribe to one of the following ZZ tariff plans and feel at home in Europe: ZZ EIROPA and Charge per Units.
In EU/EEZ countries, you will be able to use our services just like at home, without paying anything extra, as well as to use roaming services in the rest of the world, in accordance with the tariffs set by the local operator. If you have chosen the tariffs ZZ TRIO, ZZ DRAUGI or ZZ VISI, before you travel we recommend choosing one of the tariff plans with roaming services included: ZZ EIROPA or Charge per Units.

What changes will be in force from 1 June, and will the procedures for activating ZZ Pre-paid tariffs change?

From 1 June, the following tariff plans will no longer be available: ZZ NULLE, ZZ BRĪVAIS and ZZ KOMBO. You can find detailed information about changes to your tariff plan here.
There will be no change in terms and conditions for switching tariff plans, refilling your ZZ account or activating additional services - you can continue to use these as usual.

Will the changes also affect computer internet?

Tariff changes will only apply to voice tariff plans and do not apply to the service "Computer Internet".

Will I be able to use mobile internet abroad?

You will be able to use data packs together with Pre-paid tariff plans ZZ DRAUGI, ZZ TRIO and ZZ VISI for internet in Latvia. If you choose tariff plans ZZ EIROPA or Charge per Units, you will also be able to use the amount of data included in the data pack in Europe.