If you are a ZZ post-paid tariff user, you can  set a monthly limit for your phone or mobile internet connection on additional expenditures above the basic tariff or above the data plan subscription charge. Upon reaching 70% and 100% of the limit, you will receive a warning text message.

The cost control service is free of charge, and is available to both private individuals and business customers to control your phone and mobile internet connections.

  • The service can be connected by calling our 24 hour information service – 1600 or by visiting any  ZZ cente;
  • Monthly limit can be set from EUR 5 to EUR 100;
  • You can change the limit during the course of a month;
  • Applying for the service, you can either receive a cost control notice only or additionally activate outgoing service restriction.

The service will allow you control all costs  in addition to the basic connection subscription charge for:

  • calls and SMS abroad;
  • calls, SMS and internet when you’re abroad;
  • premium charge services;
  • calls to less popular networks in Latvia;
  • calls, SMS and internet data after using up the included volume.

NB! Using the service, please remember that, for example, when using the internet, costs will be calculated after the completion of a whole data increment. For example, one video is a whole data increment. Therefore, in some cases it is possible that you will receive a warning text message after reaching the 70% or 100% limit.